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He hardly ever experienced sexual intercourse with anybody. ALl his actions depicts somoeone endlessly over the verge of puberty. I don't question there was some risque' horseplay between him along with the boys (looking at porn; "you present me yours and I'll demonstrate mine").

"The bottom line is these things was not within the FBI files," said Tom Mesereau, the law firm who properly defended Jackson towards child molestation charges inside of a lengthy demo in 2005. "The FBI closed the investigation. It appears like a bunch of utter nonsense."

what about that maid's account of seeing MJ's underwear plus a kid's underwear exterior the lavatory even though they were being within the shower/tub? That dude is guilty in my eyes, as well as that damning job interview exactly where he explained he loved sleeping with kids.

Just, a youngster crawling into bed with Mommy & Daddy is beautifully usual. A toddler crawling into bed by using a forty five yr aged stranger is not really. That's the Pedo MO. "I'd personally in no way damage a child! I LOVE kids.

Lisa Pressley remains to be lying: the wedding was at any time consummated and he deserted her before long following the nuptuals.

Disgrace on LaToya for Talking the reality, only to later on backpedal and say she'd been pressured by her abusive ex-spouse to mention these things.

All assholes that preserve bewildering pedophiles with gays needs to be slapped. Don't just are you perpetuating the prejudices in opposition to gay men, you might be reinforcing many of the haters to detest on gays, persecute and perhaps rug cleaning Encino murder gays as a way to help save the children.

When he was defending Michael, he seriously need to have Permit himself feel nothing at all poor happened - I do not Believe he was complicit in a canopy-up; then when he transformed his tune and All people noticed him as gold-digging - that bad man.

Well r143, a reformed pedophile whose attraction was to boys, could be a gay guy, wouldn't he? So I think It is achievable to think of MJ as the two gay as well as a pedo. Except if pedos are incapable of ever getting interested in Older people no matter how much therapy, but I don't think that's real.

He spoke in girly whispers, dressed as if on a daily basis have been Sgt. Pepper's Working day and he was the majorette-in-Main, took self-hatred to a different stage, utilized a backyard amusement park as bait for pedophilia, claimed he only favored to cuddle with kids, regarded his "personal" kids instead a lot more as exotic pets than people today, sought deal with as some boy-little one Peter Pan figure, and had a drug-addled Swiss cheese of the brain. And those are just a few highlights.

I am thinking that MJ might have been abused himself, This is why he was so skipped up in The top with plastic surgical procedure.

I like her much too R209, but I am not obtaining her bullshit about staying compelled to carry that push convention in opposition to her will for an individual 2nd. She was speaking the truth there. If not, she desires to enter performing & give Meryl a run for her funds.

A Sunday Folks spokesman would not ensure that Barresi was the paper's resource or if it paid out for access, but he did stand because of the story.

R24 Thread Watcher continues to be quirky for a while now. Mine's working normally now but wasn't for a a few months.

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